Ssss...spider in the Nursery School | Portsmouth High School

Ssss…spider in the Nursery School

Girls in the Nursery School have been busy this term working on individual sounds as part of their phonics programme.

Ssss was a popular sound last week as it was related to a particularly scary spider with lots of legs. Ssss has been found in lots of other stories too such as Silly Suzy Goose and Spot Goes to School.

The girls enjoyed varied activities connected with the letter ‘s’ such as sorting objects beginning with ‘s’, making a collage ‘s’, learning how to write a perfect ‘s’ and enjoying the Incy

Wincy Spider rhyme. The Nursery School has a giant spider web on the wall together with lots of smaller spiders made by the children.

Nursery teacher Mrs Dempster said ‘The sss…spider activities really captured the children’s imaginations and they have enjoyed learning their new sound. We are learning a new sound each week and will soon blend the sounds together to make and read simple words’.