Children in the Nursery School lead morning assembly | Portsmouth High School

Children in the Nursery School lead morning assembly

Just before half-term girls in the Nursery School took to the stage to lead the Junior School morning assembly.

The girls shared the wonders of the body’s five senses with the rest of the school, a topic they have been focussing on in class over the last half-term. Sight, smell, sound, taste and touch were all explored with the audience through different objects showing how we can all appreciate our senses more and understand the vital role they play in everyday life.

Nursery teachers Mrs Dempster and Mrs Shaw said “Leading morning assembly is exciting for the girls and we have been so impressed with how well they have performed. It all helps build their confidence and prepare them for further challenges ahead when they get older and have to speak or perform in front of an audience. Exploring the five senses has been such a popular topic and we have touched on all areas of the curriculum and had a lot of fun along the way too”.