Adventurer Paula Reid speaks to Y11 at Wellbeing Conference | Portsmouth High School

Adventurer Paula Reid speaks to Y11 at Wellbeing Conference

‘Life is a gift; live it to the full.  Learn, push yourselves and grow,’ was the message today from adventurer Paula Reid.

Fresh from the GCSE mock examinations, Y11 had a day of wellbeing workshops concentrating on their social, emotional and psychological state of mind.

‘According to a Government paper, students with high states of wellbeing, on average, will perform better and are more engaged,’ said Head of Sixth Form, John Paget-Tomlinson.

Adventured, Paula Reid, who lives in Gosport, spoke to the girls about grit and determination.  In 2014 she trekked 1,000 km across the frozen Antarctic to the South Pole becoming only the 3rd British woman to achieve this.

‘I had the same fears and worries that you have.  Mine ranged from looking a fool to dying or losing a limb from frost bite.’

‘But it is how you cope that matters.  Embrace the fear and do it anyway.  Worry less and learn to bounce back.  You’ve all just had your mocks; they might not be exactly the marks you hoped for but learn from them and be strong and resilient.  My trip was as much about mental determination and belief in myself as it was about physical fitness. Women are resilient.  The more positive beliefs you have the better you will be.

‘Rise to the challenge, dig deep.  You are all made of strong stuff.  You need to be resilient, determined, courageous and have grit and guts.’

The girls spent the rest of the day in workshops to help with mental and physical wellbeing including hugge, healthy smoothie making and yoga.

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