Famous characters come together to celebrate World Book Day | Portsmouth High School

Famous characters come together to celebrate World Book Day

Portsmouth High Junior School, together with over a hundred countries around the world, celebrated World Book day. Imaginations showed no boundaries as pupils and staff came to school dressed as an array of characters from their favourite books.

Harry Potters, fairies, villains, scarecrows, witches and a whole host of other much-loved characters gathered in the hall for assembly to share in the celebrations and find out why World Book Day is such an important event in the calendar. Girls from Reception Class to Year 6 took it in turns to share what they liked about their favourite book and why they came dressed in their costumes.

Jessica from Year 5 said “I love World Book Day because it’s a celebration of writers, books and reading. I dressed as Maleficent in Sleeping Beauty as I wanted to be a villain. I made a dress, horns and a book of spells. The day is really exciting and I enjoy writing.”

Ariadne from Reception Class, dressed as the Hobbit complete with her cloak and sword, said “My favourite book is The Hobbit because my Daddy reads it to me before I go to bed and the colour of the cover is the same as my trousers today”.

The Scarecrow’s Wedding was a firm favourite with Imogen from Year 4 who is very fond of scarecrows and had been impressed by the main character in her book saving his future wife from the dangers of fire with a pail of water.

Nursery children joined in the fun too and their teacher Mrs Dempster said ‘Our Nursery children love books and dressing up so World Book Day is the perfect day for them. This morning we went to the bookshop with World Book Day tokens to get our free books which has made the day much more relevant for the children’.

Year 1 teacher Mrs Michou said “World Book Day is an ideal opportunity for pupils to immerse themselves in books and see how imagination is used to create characters. Reading books gives children ideas for their own stories and enables them to take creative language from books and start to use it in their own writing. It is a great way to celebrate differences too. We all like different stories for different reasons and have different opinions on what we have read. Today has been an ideal opportunity to share those differences and ideas with others“.