Farm animal visit at Portsmouth High Pre-School in Portsmouth

Farm animal visit inspires curiosity and imagination

This term Pre-School have been learning all about the emergence of spring, growing and life cycles.

Spring themes studies in the classroom came to life last week when Farmer Ian and some of his animals at Longdown Dairy Farm came to visit the school. The occasion provided the perfect opportunity to explore notions of lifestyles in the classroom further, especially as two hens came along with some adorable fluffy chicks. Learning was extended to enable the girls to explore the concept of hens laying eggs.

Goats, ducks, donkeys, chickens and pigs delighted all the girls who learnt some interesting facts about the animals – did you know that one reason pigs roll in mud is because it acts as a sunscreen for their skin? The girls learned about what each animal ate and their role on the farm, whilst having fun making the right noise for each animal. They also had the chance to bottle feed some very hungry young goats.

Nursery teacher Mrs Dempster said “It was wonderful to see the delight on the girls’ faces as they were each given a baby chick to hold. Some children, who were initially a little

wary of the animals, overcame their fears to be able to enjoy watching and stroking them. This type of activity is excellent to build the girls’ confidence, develop their compassion and use the different senses to find out more about the world around us. The visit certainly inspired their curiosity and imagination, with the girls making up their own rendition of Farmer Ian has a farm…”.

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