Pirates don't like mermaids... and mermaids don't like pirates | Portsmouth High School

Pirates don’t like mermaids… and mermaids don’t like pirates

Years 3 and 4 took to the stage and set sail on a swashbuckling musical journey through the oceans this week, oceans that were just not big enough for pirates and mermaids to get along together.

Captain Scarypants was joined by his band of brave pirates, a hungry crocodile and an insane parrot. Feisty mermaids were there too under the command of their fearsome mermaid boss.

The pirates were hoping to graduate from Me Hearty High School, the most distinguished pirate school on the seven seas, but there was one slight problem – the pirates couldn’t swim.

Being expert swimmers, the mermaids were the obvious choice to ask for help but there was another problem – pirates don’t like mermaids and mermaids don’t like pirates.

However, united by their love of the sea, the pirates and mermaids overcame their differences and the pirates were able to graduate from Me Hearty High School having passed their ‘ARRR’ levels with the help of the mermaids.

Producers Mrs Newcombe and Mrs Williams said ‘The girls put on a great performance with wonderful singing, good delivery of their lines and some superb comic moments. We are very proud of them all’.

Daisy, Year 4 – I really enjoyed the play because it showed us how important it is to work together. 

Eden Grace, Year 4 – I liked playing Captain Scarypants because I adored my pet carrot even though my crew insisted I actually had a parrot!

Hannah, Year 4 – ‘I enjoyed playing Professor Doubloon because I enjoyed telling the pirates what to do’.

Jasmine Year 4 – ‘I liked the way everyone interacted with me when I was the parrot, even when they had to tell me to be quiet’.

Georgia, Year 4 – I loved the songs, especially ‘Together We’ll Rule the Sea’ at the end when everyone had learnt how to get along.