Paddington Bear is a star at Pre-School Sports Day | Portsmouth High School

Paddington Bear is a star at Pre-School Sports Day

Pre-School held their sports day on Friday with guest appearances by some famous teddy bears.

Paddington Bear, Winnie-the-Pooh, the bears from The Bear that went over the Mountain and We’re Going on a Bear Hunt, and even Buttercup, Pre-School’s own bear, all featured as part of the event.

The Paddington Bear race was a highlight of the afternoon. During the race girls had to stop and dress in fabulous Paddington outfits crafted by nursery teacher Mrs Dempster. The loveable bear, created by the late Michael Bond who died recently, was a firm favourite with the girls. The children showed excellent team spirit as they cheered each other on and the delight on their faces was clearly evident as they watched their parents compete in the ‘Bear on Spoon’ race.

Nursery teacher Mrs Dempster said ‘Each race offered the girls a chance to use a variety of motor skills that they have

been developing over the year. This includes running, skipping, balancing on beams, jumping over blocks, dressing themselves, balancing items while running and coordinating their movements in various different ways. These fundamental movement skills form the foundation for building more complex sporting skills later on. The girls learn so much from taking part in an event such as this and they were all very proud to receive their medal and certificate at the end’.

Girls brought their own teddy bears to join in the fun and Headmistress Mrs Prescott, accompanied by her own bear Big Ted, came to watch the afternoon’s events. After the races girls, staff and parents enjoyed a delicious teddy bears’ tea party to end a very enjoyable day.