Grandparents share school day memories at Portsmouth High School, GDST | Portsmouth High School

Grandparents share school day memories at Portsmouth High School, GDST

The Junior School resonated with the sound of laughter last week as grandparents visited all year groups at Portsmouth High School Junior School, GDST, and shared memories, memorabilia and stories of their younger years.

Grandparents across the school sat with their granddaughters in their classrooms and took part in lessons as well as sharing stories and being interviewed by their granddaughters and friends.

Mr and Mrs Donovan, grandparents to Abby in Year 6, shared WW2 stories with their granddaughter and her other classmates.

‘We played in the road as there were no cars.  We made large scale hopscotch with chalk and all the children played outside together regardless of ages.

‘There were no swimming pools and you were lucky if you played tennis but we did go fruit picking.  The teachers would inspect your tongue at the end to make sure it wasn’t black.  You would be in lots of trouble if you’d eaten any as they were all taken home and made into jam.’

Imogen, aged 10, had her mother, grandmother and great-grandmother with her for the afternoon sharing stories from three generations.

Mrs Hick, Reception pupil Lottie’s, grandmother added:

‘We were encouraged to bring in items from our past today

and the girls were imaginative and worked out what various implements, including grape scissors and sugar tongs, were used for.  It was wonderful to see the children really engaged and listening to the explanations.’

Mr and Mrs Weston, grandparents of Isabel, also from Reception Class added:

‘We were enlightened and encouraged by the girls’ approach and interest but also the interest of the other grandparents.  It has been a really enjoyable afternoon.’

Tara, 10, added:

‘I’ve learnt about puddings our grandparents used to have at school,’ she laughed.   ‘One grandfather put semolina in his pockets because he didn’t want to eat it!’

Ms Cunningham, Deputy Head of the Junior School, said:

‘It has been lovely having so many grandparents here who are clearly involved in their granddaughters’ education.  It has been wonderful hearing stories and memories of the older generations’ childhoods and school days.  The girls love history and an afternoon like this helps with bringing it all to life and encourages them to ask questions and get a sense of times past.

‘We can learn so much from this generation and the grandparents can have a real insight into what the girls learn in school.’