Pre-School Sports Day at Portsmouth High Prep School takes on an explorers' theme.

Pre-School explorers take to the sports field

Pre-School Sports Day celebrated the school’s explorers’ approach to learning in the beautiful grounds of Portsmouth High Prep School.

From running with rockets in the space explorers’ race to collecting dinosaur eggs in the archaeological race, each event came alive with its own distinctive theme. The jungle explorers race was particularly colourful when the children dressed up as animals including a tiger, zebra and a beautiful parrot.

Pre-School teacher Amanda Dempster said “The children have done brilliantly today and have embraced the explorers’ theme in everything they’ve done. Sport is so important in the development of large motor skills and helping children learn about the importance of an active and healthy lifestyle. Having a fun sports day enables the children to enjoy being part of a team and they all love taking part”.

Headmaster of the Prep School Mr Marshallsay added ‘Having a dedicated sports day just for Pre-School is important as it enables us to tailor the day towards our youngest children so it is more meaningful and fun for them. I am proud of how well the children have done today’.

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