Dinosaur hunter visits Reception Class | Portsmouth High School

Dinosaur hunter visits Reception Class

Reception Class were delighted to welcome an exciting visitor this week. Dr Neil Gostling, a palaeontologist at the University of Southampton, visited the Prep School as part of the celebrations for British Science Week.

In a school assembly Dr Gostling gave a talk on the fascinating subject of Charles Darwin and evolution and many of the girls impressed him with their knowledge and understanding of the topic. The children were amazed to discover that the birds we see in our school garden today evolved from dinosaurs.

After assembly Dr Gostling led a workshop with the Reception children looking at the differences between various types of dinosaurs. Helped by the toy dinosaur models on display in the classroom, there was a discussion on which were herbivores, omnivores or carnivores and how certain species evolved to grow long necks to reach high leafy vegetation whilst others had sharp teeth and claws to catch and eat their supper.

Reception Class teacher Mrs Holden said ‘The girls had a fun and most informative morning which has stimulated their interest in science. It is clear we have lots of budding young scientists at the Prep School’.