Alternative curriculum raises new challenges | Portsmouth High School

Alternative curriculum raises new challenges

During the last week of term girls in Years 5 and 6 took part in an exciting ‘alternative curriculum’ week.

In a fictional scenario the girls were trapped in school, in lockdown, with no teachers and faced with the reality of looking after themselves with no adult intervention and no communication with the outside world.

Portsmouth High School girls are not daunted by difficult situations and, in true PHS-style, the excited girls thought carefully about how they were going to respond to their plight and get through the week. Activities spanned the curriculum and a highlight of the week was learning how to build a crystal radio receiver and finding the best location for the 40 foot copper wire aerial to get a good signal for four AM stations.

Menu planning and cooking with limited ingredients, creating games for entertainment, expressing reactions to the situation in drama, sorting out sleeping arrangements, keeping personal diaries in French or Mandarin were other highlights of a hugely enjoyable week.

Phoebe in Year 6 said ‘My favourite part was learning how to put a crystal radio together. We learned what the components were called and what their job in the circuit was. We were very surprised when we picked up some local radio stations’.

Headmaster of the Prep School Mr Marshallsay said ‘The project has been very successful and certainly different from a normal week in school. The girls have learned lots of new things and become real explorers in the way they have reacted’.