Year 6 perform 'St Tabitha's to the Rescue' | Portsmouth High School

Year 6 perform ‘St Tabitha’s to the Rescue’

Congratulations to Year 6 at Portsmouth High Prep School for an incredible performance of ‘St Tabitha’s to the Rescue’, a play written and directed by their English teacher, Dr David Barrett.

When the girls of St Tabitha’s School set off on an Upper Third hockey tour of France, it turned out to be even more of an adventure than they ever imagined. After overhearing two crooks planning an ambitious robbery to steal the Star of Bengal, a priceless diamond, the girls decided to take the law into their own hands but unfortunately things did not go quite according to plan.

Director Dr Barrett said “The girls worked incredibly hard to put on an amazing performance over two nights. Teamwork made the play such a success on all fronts and I am very proud of the girls”.

Headmaster of the Prep School, Mr Marshallsay, said ‘Dr Barrett set high standards for the performance which would befit a touring company. The girls experienced what it is like to be part of a full, professional production and they had a wonderful time doing so. It was a real highlight of the school year’.

What an amazing experience…quotes from some of the performers

Erin – It was really exciting and so much fun rehearsing with all my friends. The shows went really well.

Isabelle – It was fun working on a real stage instead of a classroom and it was really exciting to perform in front of our parents.

Hannah – We all worked together as a team, helping to organise the scenery and props. I enjoyed playing the role of Daisy and I wish I could do it again.

Elizabeth – It was really incredible being able to perform St Tabitha’s to the Rescue and it was a great experience. I would definitely do it again. I learned how to rehearse my lines and bring my character to life.

Isabelle – St Tabitha’s was a really thrilling experience as I’ve never had the opportunity of acting in a play before. I learned all about stage-craft and how to project my voice.

Daisy – I found St Tabitha’s really enjoyable and I loved playing the role of Clementine, who was the baddy in the play. I felt that it brought the whole class together as a team with a common goal.

Olyӓ – St Tabitha’s was my first big production I really liked being under the stage lights and having the chance to perform to a great audience. I found it easy to learn my lines and get into my character.

Isabelle – My speech and drama lessons helped with my confidence and I was able to project my lines clearly and the role of Fingers, a crook.