Maths, treasure and hot chocolate for Year 7 | Portsmouth High School

Maths, treasure and hot chocolate for Year 7

Year 7 enjoyed a day of learning outside the classroom when they embarked on an exciting Treasure Hunt around Portsmouth and Southsea.

The girls split into teams and followed a trail around the local area answering questions at different locations. Many of the questions were mathematical in nature and allowed the girls to apply some of the skills they have learned during their first year in Senior School.

Year 7 pupil Imogen Lewis said ‘I found the maths challenging and the rounders game we played at the end of the day was very competitive but overall the day was great fun’.

Mia Frogatt, also in Year 7, added ‘The Treasure Hunt came right at the end of exam week and it was great to have a day out which was full of learning, adventure and hot chocolate. It was so enjoyable’.

Head of Mathematics, Mr Goldbrum said ‘The Treasure Hunt Challenge was an ideal opportunity to use some of the mathematical skills the girls have learnt in class in a practical situation. Other questions were on history and general knowledge and without a doubt pupils had a deeper understanding of the unique history of our local area by the end of the day’.

Congratulations to the winning Year 7 team led by Deputy Head Mr Paget-Tomlinson.