School announce Head Girls and Senior Prefects for 2020-21 | Portsmouth High School

School announce Head Girls and Senior Prefects for 2020-21

Portsmouth High School is delighted to announce that from April 2020 the new Head Girl team at the school will comprise of: Head Girl, Charlotte Kellagher and Deputy Head Girls, Ruby Dale, Yradne Botha and Georgie Howell.

The girls will be assisted by House Captains and Senior Prefects. The wider team will take on roles in pupil voice, marketing, charities and encouraging younger pupils to get involved in the life of the school as well as a large fundraising ‘Charity Week’ initiative in November.

Head Girl Charlotte Kellagher, 16, said:

‘I’m so excited and honoured to have this opportunity. The Sixth Form are a close group and I hope that we will do the school proud as a Head Girl and Senior Prefect Team. I am looking forward to a wonderful year ahead and I hope I do my sister, Rachel, proud who was Head Girl in 2018-2019.’

Every year, the Sixth Formers lead the school in raising thousands of pounds for their chosen local charity and they give to the community in many other ways too, offering their time and creativity to a huge range of projects whilst juggling their academic studies and university applications.

Sixth Form at Portsmouth High School is an exciting and vibrant place to study. A dedicated Head of Careers and an experienced team of Head of Sixth Form and tutors offer outstanding support at all stages of the Sixth Form experience.

Head of Portsmouth High School Sixth Form, Mr Smith, said: ‘I am certain that these girls will be excellent role models. They will be great ambassadors for the school and the wider GDST and continue to promote the core values of Portsmouth High School and inspire the younger generation. They will be instrumental in the school’s charity week where, in previous years, they have raised an average of £10,000 for various good causes.’

More about Portsmouth High School Sixth Form is available