Science without a laboratory is not a problem with Guided Home Learning | Portsmouth High School

Science without a laboratory is not a problem with Guided Home Learning

We are very much looking forward to continuing our Guided Home Learning programme across the school during the summer term.

At the end of last term scientists from Year 7 through to the Sixth Form had a taste of how successful the approach has been in the absence of being able to get into the laboratory. Year 7 met Dr Stockton-Chalk via Microsoft Teams when she taught them about elements and chemical reactions of metals and non-metals. After guided independent work the girls met with their teacher at the end of their lessons to go through what they had learned with an opportunity to ask questions to deepen their understanding.

At the top of the school, Year 13 physicists have been engaged in some intensive learning for physics A Level options spending two hour sessions on Microsoft Teams completing a topic on ‘Turning Points’. Dr Stockton-Chalk shared her PowerPoint for the lesson and talked face to face answering questions along the way.

Year 13 A Level physicist Lowena said ‘I thought the current set-up works really well. I liked having Dr Stockton-Chalk’s PowerPoint to look at while I took notes and I think it was good when she was able to use her cursor to point out certain facts. Talking through answers over Microsoft Teams was useful for me because I struggle with written questions and talking through content allows me to form an answer and see how I can refine that answer. I’m not really sure if there’s anything I would change because the current set-up worked so well for me’.