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Celebrating VE Day 75 years on

Years 5 and 6 have been exploring the events surrounding VE Day in their history lessons this week and here they share some of their diary entries with us in celebration of VE Day, 75 years on.

Dear Diary


I’m always going to remember this day, today war stopped.

It’s a relief, my brother came back home, and we welcomed him with a big hug. We were scared we were never going to see him again. But sadly our father never got to see VE day. On February 12th we received a letter, a yellow letter. I remember that very day it didn’t feel the same at all. Of course because of war, but we knew father wasn’t coming home again after. But between us we know father would be grateful that he made a contribution to the war, and is part of the reason we won.

VE day was amazing, Bonfires had been banned for 6 years already, but they let us have one. Everyone who knew how to play an instrument bought their guitars, pianos etc. It was probably one of the best days of the past decade. There will be a lot of clearing up to come though, houses of parliament got bombed. Luckily no one was there, as well as a lot of houses, luckily or house didn’t get bombed. But sadly my Godfather in laws house got bombed, He was in the war as a soldier at the time, so he didn’t get injured. He managed to survive the war as well as my brother.

Rationing is going to have to carry on for another decade since we still don’t have enough food from the Germans torpedoing the food supply from the ships. It was a bit of a strange war for my family, on the littler side we are all mostly German, apparently it’s because my Great Grandma is German and her kids were German as well since she also married someone German etc. So my Great Grandma who was fully German but lived in Britain was supporting the Germans. But our generation decided to stick with Britain.

Robyn, Year 6

VE Day Diary Entry

Verity, Year 5

Dear Diary


These last few years of my life have been a living hell. I’m just a poor 16 year old girl who lost her father in war, who’s brother went to the hospital with a punctured lung and broken rib, who’s house got bombed within the first 2 years of war and who is working at a bomb factory with my mother. So I think it’s safe to say that today is the best day of my entire life. My baby 2 year old sister has returned home from evacuation practically unharmed. Well I say 2 year old, she is now 8 years old. But I’m so happy I think I might just cry. I know its been a tough 6 years but I should be grateful I still have what’s left of a family, there are some people who have lost everything. But anyway enough about my woes and melancholy life today is VE day after all. Tonight mother promised a big bomb fire with lots of friends and my sister and I are going to bake a lovely cake with our rations and for the first time in 6 years we are going out on the street without the worry of bombs of guns attacking us at any moment. We are going to go to Winston Churchill’s speech where we will cheer our victory against Germany. Oh, mother’s calling me out for lunch.

Write back tomorrow.

Goodbye for now,

Libby, Year 6

Dear Diary


9 May 1945

Oh my goodness, what a marvellous day we had yesterday! It was Victory in Europe day; we have won the war and the Germans aren’t going to invade anymore. I’ve never seen people so happy.

Mum, Dad, my brother, Peter, and I joined the people on the streets to celebrate the end of the war. We were singing “We’ll Meet Again” and many other songs. Even my mother was dancing and grumpy Mr. Brown from number 27 kissed his wife in front of us!

There was so much food; it was amazing. Everyone had saved up something special or made some sponge cakes. My father found a lemon so he made some lemonade for us; it was delicious! Peter and I made our own Union Jack flags and waved them furiously, until our arms ached.

Later in the evening, when everything was quiet, I overheard my parents talking. They said how difficult life had been for us all, but now they had hope for the future and looking forward to living in a peaceful world. I had the best night of my life. This is a day I will never forget.

Evie, Year 5


Freyja, Year 5



VE Day 2020

Francesca, Year 5

Dear Diary


Today was such fun. Me, Dorianne mother and father went out into the street and there was a street party, it had more food than I have seen in my life. In the whole four years I’ve been alive this was the best day ever. The war has finally ended people call it VE Day. I know mummy’s writing this but I’m still only four years old. I’m so excited because mummy gave me a sweet coupon so me and my friends are going to go down to the sweet shop and buy some sweets later, with mummy of course. There is still fighting but not here we are all fine.

Everyone was in the street, my friends, their parents and loads of other people. There was loads of tables set out with food and we had lots of fun. We all wore these funny hats that made us laugh. Mummy says we’re lucky because our house hasn’t been bombed.

Finally mummy and daddy don’t look worried and they have a smile on their face and big ones they are too.

Hettie, Year 5