Year 13 return to school for their Leavers' Service: 'Go and be your amazing, authentic selves' | Portsmouth High School

Year 13 return to school for their Leavers’ Service: ‘Go and be your amazing, authentic selves’

In a rather unusual Leavers’ Service, Portsmouth High School Year 13s came into school to say farewell to each other, their tutors, teachers and other staff.

Emotional, but excited to be back albeit for one day, the girls gathered for a social-distanced short service led by Mrs Price, with an address from Head of Sixth Form, Mr Smith. Prayers were read by the Head Girl Team, Headmistress, Mrs Prescott and Head of Careers, Mrs Davies. They were welcomed into the GDST Alumnae Network by Mrs Webb.

‘I met most of you four years ago,’ said Mr Smith, Head of Sixth Form. ‘My wife asked, “so what are they like?” and I distinctly remember saying “really funny and kind.”

‘It is these two traits that best define you as a year group and will live on as your legacy.

‘The School’s Birthday Dinner was the last big event we had together. Reflecting back on that evening and, indeed thinking now, it is with great pride and happiness that we see you step out into the world. The world can only be a better place with your abundant kindness, brilliant humour and lively intellect. Go and be your amazing, authentic selves.’

The girls watched a film compilation of their years at Portsmouth High School, many having been at the school since Nursery. The day ended with an ice cream treat.

The girls will return to school on Results Day in August.