Independent research proves a great experience for Year 7 science students | Portsmouth High School

Independent research proves a great experience for Year 7 science students

During their Guided Home Learning Year 7 were tasked with carrying out an independent research project looking at animal partnerships, food webs and ecosystems as part of their ecological studies in biology.

The projects are now completed and the girls have been busy presenting their projects to the class.

Enthusiasm for learning through independent research has been high judging from the feedback students gave on the project.

Science teacher Dr Filer said “Independent research projects are a great way of firing enthusiasm for learning, especially in science where there is a wealth of so many interesting facts just waiting to be discovered. I am delighted with all the hard work the girls have put in and it is great to see them improving their research skills ready to take on more projects in the future”.

Feedback from Year 7 students

“Thank You! I really loved this project, and I hope that in the future, we will have more opportunities to present our project works like this.” Ting

“I really enjoyed this project as I find projects an exciting way of learning. By doing a project not only do you get to learn new and interesting facts but you also get to be independent and you can work on your presentation and public speaking skills.” Eliana

“I really enjoyed doing this project, and would be ecstatic to do another one in the future. Thank you.” Isabella

“I enjoyed everything, but my favourite part was finding out all of the information for both of my projects.” India

“I loved researching all the different animal partnerships, and seeing all the different habitats that different animals live in. I just loved researching things, it was so interesting.” Isabella

“I enjoyed making my poster because it was fun but I was learning a lot about ecosystems and food webs at the same time.” Ava

“Getting to do things independently was really fun and was a good experience.” Anna