Chinese New Year celebrations at Portsmouth High Pre-School | Portsmouth High School

Chinese New Year celebrations at Portsmouth High Pre-School

Pre-School children have had enormous fun this week celebrating Chinese New Year.

The week of celebrations was ideal for exploring all areas of the curriculum with a key part being learning about a distinctive culture and appreciating we may all be different but everyone is special.

Art and design centred upon making a magnificent dragon head and then creating a dance to express the feelings of a dragon. Children delighted in taking turns to lead the dance and this has been a real highlight of the week.

The theme has continued in literacy with the letter sounds of different animals and a colourful Chinese dragon number puzzle was very popular in mathematics with the children able to recognise the numbers and write them too. There was much excitement when some lucky red envelopes arrived containing chocolate coins for everyone.

Pre-School teacher Mrs Nelson said ‘Chinese New Year has made this week full of fun for the children and provided so many opportunities for working towards our learning goals. I am delighted with all the progress everyone has made’.