Drama from the Globe Theatre takes girls on a journey through time in their own homes | Portsmouth High School

Drama from the Globe Theatre takes girls on a journey through time in their own homes

Drama came to life on a spectacular note for girls in Years 2 and 3 when they were treated to a story telling session and drama workshop created by the Globe Theatre.

The event was part of a Guided Home Learning package put together for younger pupils across all GDST schools. Interactive, time-travelling, country-hopping storytelling was used to nurture an enthusiasm for theatre and drama, making Shakespeare accessible to the youngest pupils.

Girls listened to a fantastic one-man rendition of A Winter’s Tale with renowned Shakespearian actor and director Scott Brooksbank, which had them up on their feet using props from around the house or classroom to immerse themselves in King Leontes’ Sicilian court and the wilds of Bohemia. To complement this wonderful storytelling experience, the girls then joined a workshop, where they had the opportunity to act out part of the script and collaborate with each other, as well as working with girls from other GDST schools.

Molly in Year 2 said, ‘I loved playing the games in the drama workshop, it got me moving around after a long day sitting at the computer’.

Miss Preston, Year 3 form teacher said, ‘All the girls thoroughly enjoyed the experience. They had their sun hats and sunglasses on and were fully engaged in the journey through the different settings and the meeting of many characters. I was so impressed how such a complicated and quite adult themed story was made so accessible our younger girls. The presentation retold the story with great humour but also had moments of actual Shakespearian text, some very moving. I feel this experience was a great introduction to Shakespeare’s plays for our girls and will definitely have left a great impression on them’.

The GDST Globe project will continue throughout spring with The Tempest, adapted for girls in Reception and Years 1 and 2, and a retelling of Henry V for Years 4, 5 and 6.

Headmaster of Portsmouth High Prep School, Paul Marshallsay, said ‘This is an incredibly inspiring programme for the girls in school. The beauty of it being online is that all of the girls can access the thrilling content and see stories and experiments come to life. The fact that they can also interact and ask their own questions makes the experience all the more exhilarating’.