Portsmouth High School Pre-Prep celebrate all creatures great and small | Portsmouth High School

Portsmouth High School Pre-Prep celebrate all creatures great and small

Portsmouth High School Pre-Prep devised a day to celebrate positivity and wellbeing with Animal Antics Day for the children in Year 1 and 2 both at home and online.  Children of keyworkers were in school and joined by those having guided home learning. 

The children were invited to dress up as their favourite animal and bring their pets along for live lessons during home learning. They made animal alphabets, animal biscuits and even had a chance to create their very own animal on Switch Zoo. They played animal themed number games and some of the children made animal shaped lunches. Year 2 teacher, Mrs Moffitt’s, father, a local vet, treated the girls to a sneak peek behind the scenes during an animal operation and showed them how to bandage an animal in need.

‘Pre-Prep girls have had a day off their usual timetable to enjoy a range of animal activities,’ said Mrs Michou, Year 1 teacher.  ‘For their English work they created and described a new animal and for mathematics they used a zoo map with a key to answer questions.  There was more freedom in the afternoon and girls chose from a variety of art, craft and science activities to celebrate amazing animals.  The day ended with an engaging story time with Headmistress, Mrs Prescott., who read over Zoom to them.  She read the story of Mango and Bambang by Polly Faber, a tale of an unlikely friendship between a little girl and an Asian tapir.’

When in school, the children have many chances to interact and play with animals; the school has two very loved guinea pigs as well as three school dogs Yogi, Monty and Pippin.

Mrs Moffitt, Year 2 teacher, added: ‘A huge thank you to our local vets, Joe Moffitt and Joanne Michou, for providing a personal insight into what happens at a veterinary surgery which was an engaging introduction to the day for our girls. Tying in mathematics, English, science and topic lessons with a fun theme really lifted our spirits during wellbeing week.’