It’s never too early to start thinking about your career… | Portsmouth High School

It’s never too early to start thinking about your career…

Head of Careers Mrs Davies visited Year 6 at the Prep School to talk about the huge variety of jobs available to the girls in the future. Traditional career paths were examined and, sure enough, most of the year group were able to identify the professions of the women at work in Mrs Davies’ presentation.

Who hasn’t pretended to look after someone and administered ‘medicine’ (doctor), or built dens or sandcastles (architect) or wanted to do the right thing and punish the wrong thing (judge/police officer) through their childhood games? Games and dress up have always allowed children to pretend to be grown-ups in the working world and those careers with recognisable props or costumes are always the most prominent or easy to identify.

How many children though, have considered the idea of working in product design, procurement, marketing, engineering or creative content? Mrs Davies brought with her a box of Lego Friends and challenged the girls to consider each of the many different jobs that were involved in the process from concept to sale. As Mrs Davies put it “How many different job roles got these Lego friends from being an idea in someone’s head to becoming a present under a Christmas tree?”. The girls were full of enthusiasm and came up with lots of ideas of different jobs which would be required to make the idea become a reality and started thinking about their own career path in the process.