Busy Bees perform at Prep School | Portsmouth High School

Busy Bees perform at Prep School

Year 4 were busy bees this week performing their much anticipated The Bee Musical. 

The musical was an amusing story of life in a beehive.

‘I really enjoyed the Bee Musical because I loved singing the songs while wearing my new outfit,’ said Eliana.

‘And there was so much going on,’ added Willa.

At the Prep School, pupils have planted a large wildflower garden to attract bees and the school does not use any bee harming chemicals within the grounds.

As well as producing honey and beeswax, bees are also important as part of the human food chain. They are responsible for pollinating a third of the crops grown for human consumption and consequently anything that affects the welfare of bees can have a frightening impact on global food production. Environmental threats to bees are multiplying and soon the situation could become critical. The Bee Musical highlights this issue in a humorous and entertaining way and Year 4 have demonstrated that they are sympathetic to the needs of bees.

Headmaster of the Prep School, Mr Paul Marshallsay, said:

‘This was a buzzing performance by Year 4.  It was a very professional performance which belied their years.’