Languages Day celebrations from around the world | Portsmouth High School

Languages Day celebrations from around the world

Yesterday the prep school celebrated languages day with a theme inspired by the pandemic and the restrictions we have all been living under.

The day was made uplifting by thinking about how we like to celebrate and interact in normal times with families, friends, and as nations.

Senior school languages teachers visited and activities throughout the day took the form of games, stories and dance. Pupils learnt about Flemenco dancing, Bastille day and the games children play in the playground in China. Whilst the school was unable to invite our friends from neighbouring schools, as we would normally have done, we certainly had a lot of fun, and we also learnt some interesting facts and language along the way.

Languages Faculty Head Mrs Arthers said ‘There are many benefits to learning a second language at an early age. Research shows children’s brains find learning a language easier because they simply absorb information in an unconscious state of mind and learn often without realising it. Young children are far less self-conscious. They are not afraid of what others think, happily learn from their mistakes and take pride in practising out loud. This can be beneficial in helping the brain absorb information’.