Peter Pan flies into Portsmouth High Prep School | Portsmouth High School

Peter Pan flies into Portsmouth High Prep School

Over the last two nights Year 6 have treated their audience to a magical performance of Peter Pan, directed and adapted for the stage by their teacher, Dr David Barrett.

The professionalism of the girls has been quite outstanding. Uncertainty about whether they would have a live audience or not in no way dented their enthusiasm or determination to give their best performance. On each night a smaller and socially distanced audience were able to enjoy first-hand the fruits of the girls’ hard work and commitment.

‘I really enjoyed the challenge of learning my lines and sharing the role of Peter Pan with my friend Anna’, said Olivia, aged 11.

Olivia continued ‘When I’m in the wings, waiting for my cue, I get really excited about going on stage. I love performing. I have had so much fun doing the show with my friends and spending time rehearsing, learning the songs and putting movements to them. I would like to thank Dr Barrett for giving me this amazing opportunity’.

Flora in Year 5  reviewed the play and said ‘The Year 6 Peter Pan play was very good; it went along with the story but with slightly different changes. The outfits were very good and I liked how when the sailors came and rescued Tiger-Lily they had HMS Dovercourt written on their hats. The singing was very nice to listen to, whether they were in groups or doing solos. My favourite scene was when the maid walks in with a tray of drinks but when she sees the children she just stands there and drops them, and when she tries to count the lost boys they keep on moving so she just gives up. Overall the play was exciting and if I could watch it again, I would’.

Director Dr Barrett said ‘The girls have been very committed throughout the rehearsal period, marking up their scripts and keeping notes. They brought a real sense of fun and enjoyment to the production, as well as polished individual performances. The sense of teamwork was palpable as the girls managed set and costume changes and a large number of props’.

‘This was a full-scale musical production but the girls took it in their stride, performing with poise and aplomb.’