Christmas crackers go out with a bang - Portsmouth High School

Christmas crackers go out with a bang

A sustainable Christmas has been very much on the agenda at Portsmouth High School this year.

Sixth formers Bella and Lauren presented a fantastic assembly at the prep school demonstrating many practical ideas on how to reduce our environmental impact over the festive period. Year 4 pupil Molly designed some beautiful home-made cards which were completely recyclable and, together with Holly, the Deputy Head Girl for sustainability at the prep, delivered guidance to the whole school on how to make sustainable Christmas crafts.

The PSA at the prep school ran a very successful Christmas jumper swap when girls brought in donations of pre-loved Christmas jumpers and were able to purchase a new garment for £2 giving the jumpers, which often contain plastic, a new lease of life.

Headmistress Mrs Prescott had her comments on the importance of a ‘green Christmas’ published in The Telegraph and will be talking on this topic on Radio 5 on Wednesday 22 December between 7.45 and 8.00am. Mrs Prescott’s piece was also captured by over 100 regional papers having first appeared on the Press Association wires.

Mrs Prescott said ‘Christmas Crackers in their popular form have had their day in schools. We gave them out at Christmas lunch this year but we are under pressure from our pupils to consider the sustainability of the crackers we use and the impact the plastic gifts have on our environment.’

‘We shall consider alternatives next year and suggestions include making our own crackers from recycled materials to include a paper hat and joke but no plastic waste. We are not being scrooge-like just becoming as eco conscious as we can.’