'Spreading our wings, we’ll fly again...' Harmony sing at Portsmouth Cathedral’s Lunchtime Live Conce - Portsmouth High School

‘Spreading our wings, we’ll fly again…’ Harmony sing at Portsmouth Cathedral’s Lunchtime Live Conce

‘…Spreading our wings, we’ll fly again…’  These poignant words by Lin Marsh were sung by the school’s prestigious singing group, Harmony, in a Lunchtime Live concert at Portsmouth Cathedral.

The song, Into the Light was written as a reaction to the pandemic, and the singers truly did “rise again out of the storm” as they performed their first full-length public concert since lockdown.

The enthusiastic audience enjoyed a range of choral numbers, as well as solos from members of the group.  Anna sang Mendelssohn’s O for the wings of a dove with clear, angelic voice and Jasmine shone with her nostalgic When you wish upon a star.  Daisy and Lois sang passionate songs from Les Misérables and Alina virtually brought down the house with her showstopping number, They just keep moving the line.  Ting and Isabella brought instrumental flair to the concert by playing flute and piano, respectively.  The concert was rounded off by the whole group singing Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah. 

Harmony sing Feed the birds (from Mary Poppins Returns)

Alina sings They just keep moving the line (from Smash)

Isabelle plays Mariage d’amour

Jasmine sings When you wish upon a star (from Pinocchio)

Lois sings On my own (from Les Miserables)

Ting plays Scherzino (Op. 55 No.6)