Pets at Prep | Portsmouth High School

Pets at Prep

Pets play an important part in the daily life of Portsmouth High Prep School. We have several pets that either live at the school or visit on a regular basis.

Mango is our leopard gecko. She lives in the library and the children interact with her on a daily basis and feed and care for her. Below is a recording of her shedding her skin which the girls have been fascinated to see first-hand.

We have two guinea pigs called Bubble and Squeak who spend most of the time out in their run in the gardens. They are looked after by all of the girls but mainly by special pet prefects in Year 6. They are handled on a daily basis and are incredibly calm amongst the girls.

There are also three dogs that spend a lot of time at the school. Yogi is the oldest. He has been coming to the school for several years with our forest school practitioner. He is an incredibly patient and tender working Cocker Spaniel with energy to burn. The children spend time playing with him but he also listens to them read and can be extremely therapeutic for any who are feeling worried. His son, Monty, is learning from his father and is showing the same caring tendencies for the children.

We also have the Headmaster’s Cockapoo, Pippin. He is a bouncy bundle of fur who loves playing with the children and is being trained as a school dog. He, like the other two dogs, knows when he has to be less bouncy amongst the younger children and is learning fast. He has been in a host of activities and has been getting involved with things such as mindfulness and PE.