Nursery School, Southsea, Portsmouth Early Years Foundation Stage PLUS

Early Years Foundation Stage Plus Curriculum

Portsmouth High Pre-School in Southsea follows the Early Years Foundation Stage PLUS curriculum which uses as its base the national curriculum with significant Portsmouth High School additions.

For example, girls are taught French in Pre-School and have lessons by other specialist teachers in music, ballet, physical education, and they get a chance to explore our extensive grounds through Forest Schools. They have access to all the Prep School facilities with many opportunities to mix with the older girls supporting a seamless transition to Reception Class and beyond.

We use the ‘High Scope’ approach to learning which extends traditional academic subjects by applying methods that promote independence, curiosity, decision making, cooperation, persistence, creativity, and problem solving in young children.

Pre-School children have weekly library lessons with the school librarian. They take the time to simply enjoy books, choose some to take away to look at in the classroom and at home and end the library session with a story. Library lessons are structured to support the wider curriculum for our youngest pupils through exploring new concepts and cementing learning.

Pre-School teachers carefully plan activities indoors and outdoors that allow girls to have multi-sensory first-hand experiences that make learning fun and exciting. Our aim is for girls in our care to develop into enthusiastic, inquisitive, confident and independent pupils to set them on the right path for successful progression through the school and beyond.