'School readiness' | Portsmouth High School

‘School readiness’

The concept of heavily pursuing “school readiness” in nurseries continues to be a key issue at the forefront of early years’ discussion.

The arguments for and against provoke strong emotions throughout the sector. But what is “school readiness”?

Much negativity is put forward against an image of our three year olds sitting at tables learning literacy and maths, by those with less experience in the sector, who cannot see the creative, playful and social possibilities in pursuing academic content with this age range.

Here at Portsmouth High Pre-School our children pursue a curriculum experience that is as engaging on a social development level as it is in more traditional academic pursuits. We believe that this firm foundation provides children moving from our Pre-School to Reception a security to move quickly through our systematic phonics programme meeting early reading goals well within expected time frames.

Teaching phonics in the early years is so much more than a reading scheme or a systematic phonics program and is more deeply rooted in the teaching staff’s body of skills and understanding of the subject matter, as well as the intricate ways in which each child learns.

Here at Portsmouth High School our teacher-led nursery environment is carefully tailored and educational programmes created to meet each child’s individual needs. We recognise the unique early years’ environment where children only just turning three have very different academic needs to those almost five. Small class sizes allow children to progress rapidly across all areas of the curriculum with children achieving most early learning goals before the end of the Reception Class year. Back