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Meet Buttercup Bear at Portsmouth High Pre-School

My name is Buttercup Bear and I live at Portsmouth High Pre-School

I love living here in the Pre-School because there are always lots of exciting things going on and there is never a dull moment. I join in with lots of activities which help the children learn new skills and grow in confidence whilst having fun at the same time.

Sometimes, when girls first start Pre-School, they are a little scared and shy. I want to tell them that they needn’t worry because everyone is really friendly here and Mrs Dempster, Mrs Shaw and Mrs West look after everyone so well that no one ever feels lost or left out. It’s a very happy place to live.

I’m really lucky because I get to go out with the girls when they go and play in our lovely big gardens or if they go down to the local library or to their ballet class. Best of all though is when one of the Nursery School pupils invites me for tea at their house or asks me stay for a few days. This means I can find out more about their home life and meet their families. I love meeting new people.

Although the Pre-School is my favourite place I do get itchy feet and I like to go out and about and travel. You can follow my adventures both in Pre-School and when I’m away by following my ‘Adventure Trail’ here on the Portsmouth High School website.

Thursday 28 March

This week we have all had great fun enjoying the beautiful spring weather and preparing for Easter.

On Wednesday Pre-School enjoyed hunting for eggs and collecting them in a basket to share with all their friends. We also used our eggs outside for number work by counting them, sorting them into colours and writing the numbers with chalk on the ground.

The Pre-School wish everyone a very happy Easter holiday and we look forward to seeing everyone back in the summer term.

Thursday 21 March

This week we have continued to learn about shapes and enjoyed drawing 2-dimensional shapes with chalk outside in our playground.

We have concentrated on ‘j’ as our sound of the week. We had a lot of fun making shaped ‘j’am sandwiches using the cutters to cut out various shapes including squares, circles, triangles and rectangles – a very sticky mess, but absolutely delicious.

Thursday 14 March

We have celebrated British Science Week in Pre-School by making our own special shaped aeroplanes and measuring how far they flew.

Our Pre-School shop was the focus for our phonics sessions this week. The shop has been selling all sorts of items that we have have been able to buy with the correct letter token for the initial sound of the object.We have also enjoyed playing in our new role-play area which is now a beautiful flower shop.