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Meet Buttercup Bear at Portsmouth High Pre-School

My name is Buttercup Bear and I live at Portsmouth High Pre-School

I love living here in the Pre-School because there are always lots of exciting things going on and there is never a dull moment. I join in with lots of activities which help the children learn new skills and grow in confidence whilst having fun at the same time.

Sometimes, when girls first start Pre-School, they are a little scared and shy. I want to tell them that they needn’t worry because everyone is really friendly here and Mrs Dempster, Mrs Shaw and Mrs West look after everyone so well that no one ever feels lost or left out. It’s a very happy place to live.

I’m really lucky because I get to go out with the girls when they go and play in our lovely big gardens or if they go down to the local library or to their ballet class. Best of all though is when one of the Nursery School pupils invites me for tea at their house or asks me stay for a few days. This means I can find out more about their home life and meet their families. I love meeting new people.

Although the Nursery School is my favourite place I do get itchy feet and I like to go out and about and travel. You can follow my adventures both in the Nursery and when I’m away by following my ‘Adventure Trail’ here on the Portsmouth High School website.

Thursday 17 May

This week Pre-School have been practising their phonics skills separating objects into the correct group for initial sound and writing some of the words.

We also enjoyed taking part in Languages Day, where we were immersed in French, German and Spanish activities. Everyone has also been busy making decorations to prepare for our own Royal Wedding celebrations tomorrow.

Our role-play area is now a jungle and everyone has had a lot of fun being explorers, listening to jungle sounds and looking out for animals.

Friday 11 May

Everyone in the Pre-School was very excited when we returned to school after the bank holiday and found that we now have 5 beautiful butterflies in the Pre-School classroom. Finally our chrysalises had hatched! We have examined the butterflies closely, looking at the colours and patterns on their wings, and watched them feed.

This week we have continued with our number activities by sorting, counting and making sums using toy elephants which was great fun. We also started to look at some wonderful jungle animals and we created some delightful observational paintings to take home.

Thursday 3 May

This week we have been fascinated to watch our hungry caterpillars changing into into chrysalides and we will now all have to wait patiently for them to emerge as butterflies.

We have also been enjoying number activities with ladybird spots and developing our early addition skills.

During forest school lessons we practised our balancing skills and explored the gardens.