Prep School - Portsmouth High School

Prep School

Throughout each pupil’s journey in school, we aim to provide a purposeful and stimulating environment, where each individual is given the confidence and opportunity to flourish

It is my great pleasure to welcome you to Portsmouth High Prep School.

This is a school where intellectual curiosity is developed and where girls enjoy learning through a range of opportunities both inside and outside the classroom. My team use their considerable expertise to ensure that the girls in our school are explorers using thinking skills that apply across the curriculum and beyond into sport, music and drama.

To learn we need to have a variety of skills and core competencies. Our ability to think, problem solve and apply our knowledge is essential to making progress. At Portsmouth High Prep School we work with the girls to create curious explorers. Not just children who are mere attenders dividing their day into different subjects, but those who think imaginatively and are resilient when faced with a problem. They make links between topics and are encouraged to be independent in thought. They are collaborative and work together in teams to accomplish their goals.


We are fortunate to have outstanding grounds at our disposal. An oasis in the heart of the city our gardens allow the girls to express themselves, have space to roam and enjoy a range of outdoor activities including forest school. The family atmosphere promotes exceptional pastoral care alongside high level academic performance. Girls here are confident, composed, committed and courageous.

Quite simply, this is a school where girls learn without limits.

Paul Marshallsay
Headmaster, Portsmouth High Prep School