Mindfulness and yoga in Reception Class at Portsmouth High School

Prep School pets

Bubble and Squeak, Portsmouth High Prep School’s own pet guinea pigs, are very much a part of the school.

The guinea pigs visit each classroom on a rota basis and the girls are responsible for their daily care. On fine days the guinea pigs can be seen outside in their run on the grass on the Prep School lawn.

Pippin, Headmaster Mr Marshallsay’s own pet Cockapoo, is a regular visitor to the school. Pippin checks in to see what is going on in the classrooms and is always happy to listen to reading. He is always enthusiastic about a game of fetch outside on the lawn.

Mrs West’s dog Yogi, a working Cocker Spaniel, is also a regular visitor and can often be seen helping in Forest School sessions. He is always full of energy and is more than happy to play with anyone passing by.

The Prep School also boasts its own pet leopard gecko, Mango. Prefects are responsible for her care. A magical moment was recorded on video when Mango shed her skin recently. You can meet Mango in the video below.