Co-curricular activities at Portsmouth High School

Co-curricular activities

Designed to support our ethos of encouraging girls to be creative, independent and ambitious…

The extensive Co-curricular programme at Portsmouth High Prep School is designed to support our ethos of encouraging girls to be creative, independent and ambitious.

Girls are encouraged to broaden their horizons, learn to become team players, get to grips with time management skills and improve their confidence so they are not afraid to take on new challenges. The Co-curricular programme is open to girls from Reception to Year 6. Co-curricular clubs run both at lunchtimes and after school. Some are designed simply for fun and relaxation after a busy day at school.

New co-curricular programmes are published each term and we try to include new activities suggested by the girls so our programme is tailored to activities they really want to try.


Tasters of some of the activities currently running are:

Coding Club at Portsmouth High Prep School

Coding Club

Get inspired by the world of coding and start on the road to becoming one of the next generation of computer scientists.


Fun and very messy but an ideal opportunity to express your creativity.

Gardening Club

Discover the world of gardening and how to grow your own plants in the extensive gardens at Portsmouth High Prep School.


For all budding chefs and bakers.


Fabulous for fun and honing those all-important co-ordination skills.

Chamber Choir and School Orchestra

Aim high and develop your musical sills for school performances.

Spanish Club

A fun language club to ignite enthusiasm for learning a language.


Start from scratch or improve your existing skills to get even quicker at returning that shuttlecock over the net.