Forensic Science Trail Open Morning | Portsmouth High School

Forensic Science Trail Open Morning

Be a detective for a morning and enjoy some real hands-on science to help solve a mystery at Portsmouth High Junior School for girls. Gather your scientific evidence to solve the crime—all will be revealed at the end of the trail.

Activities are tailored to children of different ages and are suitable for Pre- Schoolers through to Year 6. The trail includes fingerprint analysis, chromatography to analyse ink dye, microscopic examination of fibres, creating and analysing real footprint impressions and the chance to pilot a drone into a potentially hazardous crime scene.

There will be an opportunity to speak to the Headmaster and staff and find out more about what an education at Portsmouth High Junior School has to offer your daughter to give her a head start during the early years of her school life.

Booking is desirable but not essential either by completing the online form below or by telephoning Mrs Fergie Cox on 023 9282 4916.

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