Elsie - Reception | Portsmouth High School

Elsie – Reception

Elsie – Reception

Elsie has been at Portsmouth High Prep School since Pre-School and is presently in Reception Class. She had lots to say about her experience at school so far…

Since Easter I have started to catch the bus from Wickham with the older girls. I like sitting with all my bigger friends and sometimes we sing Harry Styles’ songs. The bus driver is really friendly and helpful. I really like school dinners, especially ‘Fun Food Friday’ when we have fish fingers or pizza. I also like meatballs and the yummy flapjacks.

I love my classroom, especially the reading area with cushions and beanbags. I always like going to assemblies. Celebration Assembly on Fridays is my favourite although it’s a bit scary when we our class lead it!

One of the best things about coming to school is playing in The Dell. I like to look for fairies or make fairy houses. My favourite lesson is PE with Miss Preston.

I’m really looking forward to going up to Year 1.