Harriet - Year 2 | Portsmouth High School

Harriet – Year 2

Harriet – Year 2


I started in Pre-School and when I first went through the school gates I was really excited.

I love Dovercourt especially the teachers, they are very welcoming and help you lots. My teacher is a bit cheeky and makes us laugh a lot.

The lunches are delicious every day. In Year 2 you get to go swimming and it’s really fun. Our playground is amazing, we have a climbing frame, grass, equipment and of course the dell! Some of our lessons, especially maths, are really tricky but your teachers and friends will always help you. We have a really good choice of clubs and there is something for everyone. I enjoy ceramics because we get to make beautiful things.

Dovercourt makes you feel happy. Even when there is tricky work you know you are being challenged to help you learn.