Evie | Portsmouth High School


As soon as walked into Dovercourt I was amazed and I thought I’m going to like it here.

That was when I was in Nursery and I met all of my friends and the members of staff gave me a warm welcome. I’ve had lots of lovely teachers through the past years and now I have Miss Moffitt who is the best teacher you could imagine, even when we do really tricky maths she helps me to understand it! All of our teachers are so helpful and kind.

I also enjoy break time a lot and it’s great to play in our amazing playground, especially when we play jail break and hide in the dungeon. My favourite lesson is Art because we link our learning to our topic and this term we have been learning about Native Americans making totem poles.

As well as normal lessons, we learn about being positive and we meditate and do mindful activities. This makes me feel calm and happy and shows me how to help myself if I feel sad. I love Dovercourt because of my lovely teachers and friends and I am looking forward to moving in to Year 3.