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GCSE success stories

“Just some of the GCSE success stories for Year 11 pupils at Portsmouth High Senior School”
Private School Portsmouth, Student celebrating outstanding GCSE results

Lowena Hull

Grades – Ten A*, two 9s

I am really pleased and excited to get these results.  I’m back up to London now as have been on a four week course with, amongst others, GCHQ at Imperial College, London.  I’ve been learning about encryption and cyber safety; basically, ‘ethical hacking’.  I am so pleased to be staying on at Portsmouth High School for A levels. I will be taking mathematics, further mathematics, physics and chemistry and really hope to go to university and then get a job in research and development in possibly cyber security.


Private School Portsmouth, Student celebrating outstanding GCSE results

Chloe Wildsmith

Grades – Seven A*, one A, two 9s

I am over the moon.  I will be back in Sixth Form to take Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics and Geography.  I have been playing netball for Surrey Storms since the beginning of the year so it was a demanding balance between training and exams but it has all paid off.  I owe the results to hard work, revision and massive support from the teachers.


Private School Portsmouth, Girl celebrating outstanding GCSE results

Lucy Rukin

Grades – Six A*, one A, one 6, 8 and 9

I am really happy and didn’t expect the grades I got today. It has been hard work but it has paid off.  I am off now to eat celebratory cake and enjoy the rest of the holidays.  I am so excited about coming back for Sixth Form here.


Independent School Portsmouth, Student celebrating the best GCSE results with her mum

Abigail Hoper

Grades – Six A*, one B one 7, 8 and 9

‘I am feeling so pleased.  It has been really hard work with constant revision but have had amazing support from the teachers.  They have helped not just with the learning but with the extra support on making sure we are all fine too.’


Independent School Portsmouth, Girls celebrating outstanding GCSE results

Alicia Small

Grades – Three Bs, two Cs, three 6s‘

I didn’t do too well in my mock exams so I’m very happy. I didn’t pass maths in the mock but have today so it’s been great.  I worked extra hard after my mocks and it has all paid off.


Natasha Small

Grades – Two A*, four As, one B, one 7, 8 and 9

There is no rivalry between us. We just support each other. ‘The exams were harder than I thought so I’m really pleased.  We are going to celebrate with family tonight after all the revising and hard work.


Private School Portsmouth, Girl celebrating outstanding GCSE results

Rachel Barham

Grades – Nine A*, one 9

I’ve worked really hard but didn’t think I would get these results especially maths which I didn’t think had gone so well. It was very hard trying to do work after being ill. [Rachel was hospitalised during her studies after suffering an allergy reaction to dairy products].  I’m glad I’ve got these grades now. I want to go to university and be a vet.


GCSE results in Hamsphire

Mabel Hutton

Four A*, three As, one B, two 8s

I’ve done better than expected and am really pleased. I worked really hard and combined other activities but homework always came first.  I will be back in sixth form to take Biology, Chemistry and Art and am off now for breakfast.


Private School Portsmouth, Girl celebrating outstanding GCSE results

Annabelle Chafer

Eight A*, one A, one 8 and 9

I am delighted and really happy.  I can now relax.  My dad and I stayed up most of the night playing scrabble and doing jigsaws because I couldn’t sleep. I am so excited about sixth form and am going to take Geography, History, French and Spanish.  I’m off now to see the new Mamma Mia.