Georgia | Portsmouth High School


I started at Portsmouth High School in Year 9 having been at school in Chichester for 10 years. I’ve really enjoyed my first year at PHS…

From Bushcraft in the woods to hockey matches in the pouring rain it has been awesome. When I joined I was quite nervous. One girl from my old school was coming here as well and I had met some of the girls on taster days but it was a new environment for me. I came from a mixed school so I was excited to see if that made any difference, all I can really say is that it is quieter and more focussed.

On my first day I was introduced to my new tutor and I was given a buddy who really helped me to settle in and I am extremely good friends with her now. The school made the transition easy with opportunities to meet all the teachers and going bowling with all the other new pupils meant it was easy to get to know people and I quickly found my way around the school.

One of the subjects that I’ve particularly enjoyed at Portsmouth High is music. Not just lessons but also the clubs that you are able to get involved in. From Jazz Band to Flute Choir there really is something for everyone. Currently I am involved in the Symphonic Orchestra and Senior Choir. I play the trumpet and sing and I have lessons for both every week. I have reached Grade 7 singing and Grade 6 trumpet.

There are many opportunities to play outside the classroom in concerts and school plays, which this year was Beauty and the Beast. In music classes you do a variety of activities ranging from composing to performing. Overall music is a really good subject to have a go at.

One of my other favourites is sport. Once again there is a huge range of clubs from boxing to hockey and from yoga to rounders, you can be sure to find one you enjoy. The clubs I do are rounders and hockey. There are competitions against other GDST schools and there are also tournaments to play in. These are really enjoyable and you meet other girls from around the country. In games lessons you do a broad range of sports from the highly competitive ones like netball and hockey to less competitive ones like volleyball and Bollywood dancing. Many of us really enjoy sport at the school and we are pleased to be given so many opportunities.

The teachers are extremely supportive and help with all things from work to social matters. It has been wonderful to make so many new friends in such a short space of time. If you are thinking about sending your daughter here then I thoroughly recommend it.

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