Edie | Portsmouth High School


I joined PHS in Reception and I have loved it ever since. This school has been like a second home for me, not because I’m here all the time, but because of the welcoming staff, environment and friends that I’ve met along the way.

There are so many things you can do and you will never have a bored moment. We have an array of clubs including horse riding, choir, cupcake decorating, sailing and many more.

Even though I had been at the school for 7 years, I was still nervous for what the Senior School had to offer. I was excited but so worried that I was going to get lost or not make any friends, but you don’t need to worry about that.

The teachers and staff in the office, which I have visited many times, are here to help you, so don’t feel scared to pop down and ask where a room is because they’ll happily show you. As for making friends, there’s no need to worry, everyone slots in just fine and within the first week you’ll have all the friends you could wish for and you’ll know everybody’s name.

In lessons, we do a wide range of activities which keeps us as excited and willing to learn as possible. In PE we mix around the sports, for example during term one, one class does swimming, another does rounders and another does netball. Then they switch and when everyone’s done everything, we do different sports like hockey, games and athletics so it always feels fresh. There’s something here for everyone and lots of opportunities to try something new.

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