Emily | Portsmouth High School


On arriving at Portsmouth High School on the first day of Year 7 I felt very nervous because I was the only person joining from my school. I had been to Portsmouth High’s Taster Days so I knew I wasn’t the only one.

My main fear was finding my way around but after a few days of following my classmates and making good use of the signs the school layout became familiar. On the first day of the autumn term only Years 7 and 11 are in so it is a bit quieter which makes it easier.

I was looking forward to meeting new people, learning new subjects and going into more depth in the ones I was familiar with. I found the new format of the day, moving to different lessons rather than remaining with one teacher, a refreshing change. The teachers were all very nice – friendly and helpful.

I have become more confident and definitely more organised to make sure homework is finished on time and making sure I have the right books in my bag for the day’s lessons. The teacher have really helped my enjoyment of the subjects by their enthusiasm and support.

The co-curricular activities at lunch time can be fun – for example the all year round Christmas decoration club, challenging – for example the Symphonic Orchestra which was my first experience of playing music with others, and creative – for example the Design Technology Club where I made a rocking duck and a turtle on wheels.

The school is very encouraging in allowing girls to try something new. In hindsight my words of advice to myself would have been… ‘Be brave and don’t hide in a corner’. I would definitely recommend this school to anyone without hesitation.

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