I have been going to Portsmouth High School since I joined the Prep School - Portsmouth High School

I have been going to Portsmouth High School since I joined the Prep School

I always look forward to going to school, to learn in a happy and safe environment. I am very grateful and am proud to be a pupil at Portsmouth High School.

Over the past seven years, I have developed a lot in confidence. I now just “have a go” and am not scared of taking part in all the opportunities given to me. The Prep School really helped me mature before taking the step to the Senior School. However big or small you may think that step is, Portsmouth High Senior School does all it can to help new pupils settle in. After only a few weeks it will already feel as if you’ve been there all your life.

The teachers are extremely understanding and fair. Even if you don’t particularly like a subject, I guarantee you will love the teacher! They collaborate and engage well with the class and provide a positive, fun and interesting learning experience. My week at school is filled with a variety of subjects. The timetable is extensive and as you grow up you can take different paths and choose to do other subjects that you feel are best for you to reach your goals. Lessons are nicely spaced and break times come just at the right time.

I think that Portsmouth High School has the most clubs for any school in Portsmouth. There is a huge range including knitting, cup cake decorating, climbing, running, enterprise, badminton, art, football, hockey, aerial silks, taekwondo, boxing and a lot more. You name it, we’ve got it! I enjoy doing clubs because it is a brilliant chance to try something new and make different friends. They are extremely fun and include lots of different learning skills like team work, leadership, resilience and imaginative thinking. I do as many as I can because I personally think it keeps my brain working.

The PE department at Portsmouth High School is outstanding.  There are so many different sports to choose from and many different occasions to compete and play in a team. The PE department organise lots of school fixtures for all ages and teaches good physical activities. I am a very keen sportswoman and if you want to be more involved in the school sport then you can apply to become a sport scholar. You can also apply to become an academic, music or drama scholar. All departments at Portsmouth High School offer different things for different needs.

I love my school and I believe it will take me far and prepare me well for when I leave and venture into the adult world. The school is good at giving advice and motivating you to do great things. I recommend Portsmouth High School 100%, both Prep, Senior and Sixth Form. Moving to Portsmouth High School was the best decision my parents made for me and going to PHS has taught me morals and ethics that I will remember forever. I am so happy there and everyone is super friendly, it is like my second home.