I joined Portsmouth High School going into Year 9 - Portsmouth High School

I joined Portsmouth High School going into Year 9

I knew only a few people in the year at the time so it felt quite daunting. I think a lot of people moving schools at this point have thoughts as to whether they will make friends and settle in, but after about a week I had fully integrated myself into Portsmouth High School life.

I found that everyone made me not only feel included but so welcome. The school’s family atmosphere is honestly amazing, it has made me such a confident person. I particularly enjoy drama which I didn’t know I was such a fan of until I joined Portsmouth High. I found I actually enjoyed Shakespeare (which I didn’t expect to happen).

The school do a great job at making sure everyone feels part of the school and are happy. They are also particularly good at celebrating achievements through merits and commendations.

All my year group are friends with each other and I can truly say that everyone looks out for each other and we all strive in helping one another and raising them up.

Lily, Year 10