I started Portsmouth High School in Year 7 a year ago - Portsmouth High School

I started Portsmouth High School in Year 7 a year ago

I came from Oakwood Junior School and at first I was slightly worried about making friends. I need not have worried as by Christmas I had made lots of new friends. I come to school on one of the school minibuses and this has been a great way to meet people in other year groups and it is such an easy way to get to school.

I have enjoyed doing a lot of the seemingly millions of clubs PHS has to offer this year. I have particularly enjoyed netball and had so much fun at both the GDST rally and the Hampshire Youth Games (a large tournament with many schools from all around Hampshire) where the netball team I compete with won gold! Portsmouth High has been really helpful by pushing me and my netball skills and helping me to get into the A team.

I have also been involved with the Year 7 Rock Band which performs many chart hits. I play the electric guitar and can’t wait for the Amsterdam trip next year as it is a music, art and food trip – all my favourite things! Rock Band have performed at several events including the school Gala Concert which was our first time performing in front of everyone. Our band, which we called Dynamite, is a great way for me to regularly play my guitar with friends and perform as a group in front of the school.

I have really enjoyed going on the school trampolines and have developed skills that just were not possible on my garden trampoline. It has been really fun to enjoy trampolining with my friends and progress my skills so that I can complete moves such as front landings.

Portsmouth High School has been very good at helping me to achieve the grades and results I want but also to find new responsibilities, such as being form captain, going to school council meetings and to just enjoy my time at school.

Evie, Year 7