Clara | Portsmouth High School


I chose Portsmouth High School because of its homely environment…

When I joined I had one worry and that was getting lost. I knew at some point it would happen but overcame my fear by listening really carefully and it helps if you go with a friend. If you do you get lost any member of staff would be very happy to help or even a girl from an older year. I often went to the office to ask were the room was and the office staff were very helpful so don’t be shy.

When joining the school, you are given the choice of many clubs. You might be sporty or musical but if you’re not there are plenty of other clubs to suit everyone such as design technology, horse riding, science and some more unusual ones too.

When it comes to PE and games lessons in Year 7 you do many different types of sport such as badminton, table tennis and volleyball alongside the classic sports of rounders, hockey and netball. My favourite sport is hockey because it gives you a lot of adrenaline, especially when you are the goalie, which I was given a chance to do.

Portsmouth High School is a school I definitely recommend because of its welcoming staff and environment. There is such a good array of clubs and opportunities outside the curriculum which makes it exciting.

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