When I opened my acceptance letter to Portsmouth High School, little did I know how lucky I was... - Portsmouth High School

When I opened my acceptance letter to Portsmouth High School, little did I know how lucky I was…

It was in Year 7 that I joined the school as an eager but anxious student. All my life, I had attended state schools and knew no different, so my worries were dedicated to the ‘unknown’ as such. But, as it turns out, this independent school would be the best thing for me.

As well as being worried, I was very excited too. I had a close friend joining the school with me, but I couldn’t wait to discover who else I would be enjoying my time at PHS with. Now, I have a close-knit friendship group, but feel close to many others in the year group, as everybody at the school is so nice – support staff and teachers. It was quite easy to make new friends because there were multiple bonding activities throughout Year 7, that drew us close together. A lot of thought had gone in to making the students feel as comfortable as possible.

At school, it is hard to pick out favourite subjects, because there is something for everyone in every subject. Some of my highlights of my time in the school have been ‘science week’ in Year 7 and ‘Rebel Girls’ drama performance in Year 8. These activities taught me to tackle teamwork effectively and have more confidence in myself. The school has nurtured these important qualities and I feel a better, resilient girl for coming to Portsmouth High School.

I enjoy the multitude of opportunities the school has offered me. From trying something new, like joining the Girls’ Day School Trust athletics team to re-attempting something out of my comfort zone, like climbing, I have had the chance to do so many things that I might not have had anywhere else. I also believe that I could not have attempted these activities without the strong encouragement from the staff. The school is a strong supporter of trying everything as it comes, and I have therefore taken as many of the opportunities as possible.

I am so grateful to the school and Mrs Prescott for everything they have done for me. They go over and beyond in everything and I cannot even begin to say how lucky I know that I am. All the staff try hard to bring out the best in you in every subject, and it makes you feel positive about it. Portsmouth High is environmentally proactive, and everyone gets involved with that, by having eco-friendly water bottles, sandwich packaging and cutlery. Also, through projects such as the plastic project, a greater awareness was raised when students created solutions to some of the world’s problems in the disposal of plastic and reducing plastic waste.

If asked to recommend the school to a possible pupil, I would, like in this case study, only tell the truth. The truth that is how caring and dedicated PHS is to the welfare of its pupils and how I love every aspect of school life so much. And when new pupils open their acceptance letter to Portsmouth High School, they won’t know how lucky they are either.

Emma, Year 7