Sister Act at Portsmouth High School

Sister Act has now been postponed until Tuesday 23 and Wednesday 24 June 2020 from 6.00 pm to 8.00 pm. Do come and enjoy the show on these new dates.

When lively lounge singer Deloris Van Cartier (played by our Lottie Wallace) sees her mobster beau, Curtis and his gang of hoodlums, commit murder, she is relocated for her protection.

Set up in the guise of a nun in a California convent, Deloris proceeds to upend the quiet lives of the resident sisters. In an effort to keep her out of trouble, they assign Deloris to the convent’s choir, an ensemble that she soon turns into a vibrant and soulful act that gains widespread attention. This wonderful play touches on the themes of sisterhood and friendship and will have you humming the songs on the way home.

Everyone is warmly invited. You do not have to have a daughter at the school to come and enjoy the show!

Some of the fun in rehearsals so far…

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Meet some of the cast...

Sister Act at Portsmouth High School

Deloris (Charlotte)

Deloris is a sassy, headstrong, independent and confident woman. The cast has been so supportive and fun. It feels like we are part of a family.

Sister Act Mother Superior

Mother Superior (Imogen)

The Mother Superior is a strict pious woman who is fiercely loyal to her convent and her god and has the best British accent. It has been so fun getting to know girls from the other year groups during rehearsals.

Sister Act

Monsignor (Annalee)

My character is a slightly nutty but a very likeable man, who adores the music Deloris brings to his church, which he is desperately trying to save. I love that he dances without a care, even though he realises it may look hilarious. The cast have been so wonderful and we have so much fun acting together.

Sister Mary Lazarus

Sister Mary Lazarus (Hannah)

My character is bizarre, sassy and a little bit ‘out of it’ which makes her such a great character to play. It has been great fun singing and dancing with the cast, some of whom I did not know before.

Sister Act at Portsmouth High School

Eddie Souther (Mabel)

Eddie is a nervous, but is a determined and caring character that only wants the best for Deloris and to get Curtis! I love the crazy energy of our rehearsals and particularly enjoy performing the song I could be that guy.

Sister Act in Porstmouth

Joey (Charlotte)

Joey is one of Curtis’s gangsters who fancies himself being a ladies man. My favourite song in the show is ‘The seducing a nun’. I love being part of the Sister Act gang.

Sister Act Musical

Sister Mary Elsie (Grace)

My character is initially quite quiet but she becomes more outgoing and energetic as the story moves on. I look forward to every rehearsal, singing and dancing with all my new friends.

Sister Act Musical

Sister Mary Martin-of-Tours and Shikera (Ashlyn)

My character feels out of place and has no idea what is going on – she is crazy, crazy, crazy. Sometimes I can really relate to my character and I can speak Spanish, just like her. I feel such a sense of accomplishment seeing how far me, and all my new cast friends have come, with all the songs, dances and lines since the first rehearsal.

Cop and Sister Mary Madeleine (Maddy)

I enjoy acting the very different personalities of the 2 characters I play. The cop is funny and not very clever. The nun is very shy. Singing and dancing with all my old and new friends is so much fun.