A Level success stories at Portsmouth High Sixth Form

A Level success stories

“Just some of the success stories for Portsmouth High Sixth Formers on A Level results day August 2020...”
Sixth Form at Portsmouth High School



French, Religious Studies, Computer Studies

‘After a gap year, hopefully spent in Spain and France, I am going to Southampton University to read Philosophy in 2021. The pandemic has been challenging but ‘little and often’ was my philosophy for working. The teachers were brilliant. So much teaching online and they have always been there for me and so helpful.’

Portsmouth High School A Levels 2020



Chemistry, Mathematics, Further Mathematics, Physics

‘I am very excited about university and thrilled with my results,’ said Lowena.  ‘It has been interesting working through a pandemic, trying to keep my brain working and remaining motivated.  I started looking at university content and looking ahead to the work I will be doing in my first year.’

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A Level Results 2020



Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics and Spanish

‘I am so excited. I am off to read Medicine at Bristol. The teachers during COVID were brilliant – striking the right balance between making sure we were keeping up with our academic work but also safeguarding our mental health too. I am now off to brunch although I haven’t really thought ahead to the rest of the day!’

Portsmouth High School A Levels 2020



Geography, Art, Biology

‘I got the grades I needed to read Marine Zoology at Newcastle.  I did the GDST Limitless Learning course which was brilliant and made me really excited for my course.* A group of us are now going out for lunch and I am going to have a weekend in Suffolk this weekend.’

*Limitless Learning was a programme of pre-university courses and seminars rolled out for pupils.  It was devised in a bid to focus the energy pupils would have used for revision, in a proactive bid to prepare them for further education. The initiative brought more than 1,000 students together from across the Girls’ Day School Trust.

Portsmouth High School A Levels 2020



Art, Psychology, Religious Studies

‘I am very excited to be going to Bristol to read Philosophy and Theology. Lockdown and having no examinations was stressful as we were left with a blank space. But Mrs Price [Teacher of Religious Studies] and Mrs Noble (Teacher of Art] were both really helpful and always there for us. I am probably going to go and have a nap now as didn’t sleep very well last night.’


Portsmouth High School A Levels 2020



Sociology, History, French

‘I am off to the University of Law in London. The teachers at PHS were great during lockdown. They were consistent with all the lessons through Zoom and Teams. I am off now to Sprinkles with my family.’*

*Muni also received the Lawyer 2B Creative Thinking Award worth a year of university fees.

Portsmouth High School A level results 2020



Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics

‘I am off to read Medicine at Liverpool. The teaching over Zoom was amazing.  I kept in touch with all my friends over Zoom and as soon as we could we met up in parks.  I am going out now with my friends and will be celebrating with family tonight.’

Portsmouth High School A level results 2020



Biology, Mathematics, Chemistry

‘I am so excited to be reading Veterinary Medicine at Cambridge.  The teachers have been so supportive and helpful during lockdown.  They called us all the time to make sure we were okay and that was lovely. I am now off to have brunch with my friends.’


Sixth Form in Portsmouth

Natasha (left twin)


Religious Studies, Biology, Mathematics

‘I am going to study Biology at the University of Exeter. Because we’ve been through the same experiences we’ve been able to reassure each other and make this situation so much easier.  I think we’ll struggle most in first year but as time goes on we’ll still see each other, including at home, so we won’t feel too far apart.’

Portsmouth High School A Levels 2020

Alicia (right twin)


Sport, Sociology, Psychology

‘I am going to study Sport and Exercise Science at the University of Surrey. The fact we were both [with twin Natasha] at home when we weren’t allowed to see our friends really helped us. We talked to each other about how things are going to be in the future and about our university choices. We’ve lived together our whole lives and been to the same school – everything. I feel like university will be shocking to begin with because it’s always been so easy to go into the other room and say “how are you?”. Now we’ll be a phone call away and trying to arrange to see each other as much as we can. If we’re having any difficulties with our courses I think having someone who’s closer than a friend is more reassuring, because you know they’ll always be honest and give their opinion – rather than sugar-coating the reality.  Sometimes that’s what you need, rather than a nice answer.’