Sixth Form Curriculum | Portsmouth High School


In the Lower Sixth, students select from a range of over 20 A Level courses and typically choose 3 subjects.

The latest edition of our Sixth Form Course Directory details the courses and opportunities on offer in the Sixth Form at Portsmouth High School.

In September 2015 A Levels changed and now A Levels no longer have a half-way point of AS levels and the course is for two years with all the examinations coming at the end of two years.


All girls also embark on an Extended Project, an independent research study which enables them to pursue an idea of specialist interest: it’s an ideal way of learning and practising the skills needed for success at undergraduate level – and universities love it.

An ambitious enrichment programme, including a theory of knowledge course, which builds on the Sophia scheme in place throughout the senior school, presentation skills, cooking, financial wellbeing and personal fitness, completes the curriculum package. And there’s even more on offer outside the classroom.